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Co Monaghan Vocational Education Committee are providing an opportunity for all stakeholders in the county to attend a briefing in the Garage Theatre on Tuesday evening next – March 20 – to discuss the future landscape of higher education in Ireland and to consider how the new Monaghan Education Campus being developed at present at Knockaconny can form collaborative links to contribute to future local development needs in business and community sectors.
The stakeholder briefing will feature presentations from the President of Dundalk Institute of Technology, Mr Denis Cummins, and the Chairman of the Institute’s Governing Body, Mr Andrew Griffith.
Members of the Dundalk Institute’s Board of Governors will be given a tour of the campus and will hold a Board meeting in Monaghan prior to the stakeholder briefing, which takes place in the Garage Theatre on the Armagh Road at 6 pm.
The VEC’s Chief Executive Officer Martin G O’Brien told Monday’s meeting of the Committee that invitations to attend the event had been issued to all Town Council and Co Council members in the county, staff and Board of Governor members of the Monaghan Institute, members of the Monaghan Co Enterprise Board, representatives of Chambers of Commerce throughout the county, the Acting Co Manager and Co Council Directors of Services, and a range of local businesspeople.
“If there are other people who would like to attend the event they would be most welcome,” Mr O’Brien stated.
The CEO said he was a member of the Dundalk Institute of Technology’s Board of Governors, and he had invited the Institute to come to Monaghan on Tuesday, March 20 next at 3 pm. The Dundalk Board of Governors would be given a tour of the Monaghan Education Campus site so they and their executive could familiarise themselves with where the Monaghan Institute was already going.
From 4-6 pm the Board of Governors would meet in MIFET, and the stakeholder briefing would take place at 6 pm in the Garage Theatre.
Mr O’Brien said that, with the publication last year of the National Strategy for Higher Education to 2030, the Hunt Report, the future landscape of higher education was set to change significantly.
Following the publication of the National Strategy, the Higher Education Authority (HEA) had recently published criteria for the re-designation of institutes of technology as technological universities as well as for mergers and clusters between existing higher education institutions.
Dundalk Institute of Technology would be making a submission to the HEA by July 31 in which it must identify its distinctive mission within higher education in Ireland, its strategy for collaboration including clusters and mergers, and its future plans for engagement with its broader region.
The presentation and discussion in the Garage Theatre would focus on the future of Dundalk Institute and its future role and relationship with Co Monaghan stakeholders.
The CEO told the VEC members that they would have a state of the art facility in place at the Monaghan Education Campus by Christmas. Enrolment at the Monaghan Institute was going up year by year – the college was developing and they needed to hear from the Dundalk Institute what they could do in terms of collaboration, where the future was for the businesspeople of Co Monaghan and …

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