9 March 2012 3 Comments by The Northern Standard

It had cost Monaghan Co Council €1.5 million and entailed 8,000 man hours to deal with 156 incidents of illegal diesel laundering in the county over the last eight years, a detailed report presented to Monday’s meeting of the authority in Carrickmacross revealed.
The information on the impact of the illegal diesel scourge in the county in recent years was elicited by Sinn Féin representative for South Monaghan, Noel Keelan.
In a question on the ongoing problem of diesel wash being dumped in parts of Co Monaghan which he had tabled on Monday’s agenda, Colr Keelan sought information on the cost to the taxpayer in recent years to clean up and make safe the various sites affected, and on the man
hours expended by local
authority staff, including the fire service, in dealing with the issue.
He also enquired: “Given the number of residents in rural areas with
their own wells, will Monaghan Co Council carry out tests on these wells if requested by residents who feel that diesel wash may have
contaminated their water supply?”
The following is the written reply received by Colr Keelan to his enquiries:
“During the period from 2004 to February 2012 Monaghan County Council dealt with 156 separate incidents of diesel laundering, the vast majority of which occurred in the rural border areas of the Carrickmacross and Castleblayney electoral areas.
“To date, the costs incurred in dealing with these incidents have totalled €1.5 million.
“Including road area staff, environment section staff and fire service staff, it is estimated that approximately 8,000 man hours have been deployed to date to deal with diesel wash dumping incidents over this period.
“The vast majority of dumping incidents have taken place in remote rural areas away from houses and spillages have been localised.
“In the rare event that the dumping occurs adjacent to a dwelling’s well supply, and if there is deemed to be a definite risk of well contamination, Monaghan County Council …


  • John Murphy said:

    it is a true shame that so many of our young people are unemployed and our County Council have to spend 1.5 million cleaning up after Border Bandits, we know who they are, scum is the best way to describe these people who use the flag of our nation to try and justify their criminality, 1.5 million could create a great many jobs for our young people……people in our community know who these scum are and those people are guily by their silence….co-operate with the Gardai and drive these border bandits back into th darkness from where they come…..be gione you beggars

  • pat. duffy said:

    oh the innocence of sinn fein.hark back to your party’s recent history and the misery they caused by their antics on this island.your hypocrisy sickens me.

  • Steve L said:

    If people stop buying laundered diesel and home heating oil they will have to stop making it. It’s supply and demand.