26 January 2012 One Comment by The Northern Standard

The members of Co Monaghan Joint Policing Committee called at their recent meeting for more severe penalties and a heightened crackdown on criminals engaged in the production and distribution of illegal fuel products in Co Monaghan.
Illicit fuel laundering and its effects on the environment and the economy figured large in the debate when the Committee was putting together a list of topics to which they would devote attention during their schedule of meetings for 2012.
John O’Brien said that a trade in illicit fuel was going on in rural Ireland on a daily basis and was a significant problem in Co Monaghan. While the legislation and penalties could be very severe for anyone caught participating in this activity, he didn’t think the law was “next or near tough enough” to deal with certain aspects of the crime.
He thought the JPC should make representations to the Minister for Justice Alan Shatter and the national legislators on this matter. Hardly a month went by when they didn’t see a depot or illicit fuel manufacturing location detected by the Gardai, and he would congratulate them on the massive work …

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  • John Murphy said:

    Lets be honest, we know who organises and directs this activity in the border counties, however, we have turned a blind eye for a very long time in the interests of the greater good…..the question is…..when are we going to seriously address the people, whom we know, are up to their necks in this activity….how can small farmers hand over 400K to CAB…….