13 January 2012 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Michael McDonnell

Anger at the ongoing problems with the town’s only ATM machine was expressed again at Monday’s meeting of Ballybay Town Council, where it was noted that the facility — which is provided by Bank of Ireland on Main Street — had been out of order for three out of the four busy shopping weekends in December.
 The councillors agreed with Therese Hamilton’s proposal that they should write to the bank again (it had not yet replied to the letter sent by the council last month) and seek a meeting with its regional manager.
It was also noted that the other main bank, AIB, had been written to on this issue. Town Clerk Teresa McGuirk confirmed that AIB had sent a letter acknowledging its receipt of the correspondence from the council. The bank had stated that the council’s suggestion that AIB install an ATM had been forwarded to its “relevant decision making department”, which would be in contact “in due course”.
There had been no reply from Bank of Ireland, however.
On hearing this, Cllr Hamilton suggested that the council should now write to the Bank of Ireland’s regional manager on the issue and ask for a meeting. The Bank of Ireland machine had been out of order again on New Year’s Eve, she pointed out — and had in fact been out of order for three weekends in a row since the last Town Council meeting.
Michael Gilmour said it was “not much good” to the town if the ATM was going to be out of order at weekends, because that was when people were coming in to shop.
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