14 October 2011 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Patsy McArdle

A District Court judge was given a round of applause at Carrickmacross District Court yesterday (Wednesday 12th)  after he read out a lengthy statement he issued earlier in the week at Monaghan District Court, in which he refuted a report in an English Sunday newspaper which suggested his appointment to the bench was “not recommended” by the Independent Judicial Appointments’ Board.
The report in the Sunday Times  last Sunday had   suggested that a number of Irish judges were appointed as a result of  their lobbying politicians.
Judge Sean Martin MacBride claimed at Carrickmacross District Court yesterday that the report was “derogatory, defamatory, and deeply offensive” to him.
He claimed he was twice recommended by the independent judicial appointments body for appointment as judge and recommended to the government for the appointment in 1998 and 1999.
Judge MacBride declared his appointment was on merit and he outlined in detail his qualifications for the position, which included a very high percentage success rate in all his law examinations.
“I have at all times discharged justice without fear or favour, affection or ill-will, and I have upheld the Constitution and the law of this land,” he said.
Judge MacBride added  that  he was making his statement to the courts in his District of  counties Cavan and  Monaghan to “protect” his integrity as a judge and the office he held.
Lawyers, gardai, and members of the public in the courtroom  applauded the judge upon completion of his delivery of the statement, and Judge MacBride responded by expressing his thanks for their  “public expression of support”.

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