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COMPLAINTS by a number of passengers from the Monaghan area who used Bus Eireann transport to bring them to Dublin for hospital visits and appointments last week, in which they were forced to get taxis, or walk nearly a half-mile to the city’s main bus depot, Busaras, has led to an explanation from a spokesman for the company this week.
Referring to an incident last Thursday in which a bus from Monaghan dropped the passengers beside the Clarion Hotel and did not bring them to the main depot, the spokesman said that some services were no longer going from the Monaghan area to the main depot.
He said a recent change in schedules meant that buses from Letterkenny still went to Busaras, but some of the buses, on what was termed the “177 schedule” which originated at Monaghan Bus Station, only went to Dublin Airport and did not proceed to Busaras.
The spokesman emphasised that it was important for all commuters from Monaghan to check with drivers, on boarding, if the particular service is going to the required destination.
The complaints on Thursday were made on behalf of two elderly couples, and a minor, who were travelling from the North Monaghan area to the city.
According to one elderly lady: ”We were already running nearly a half-hour late when the bus suddenly stopped near the Clarion Hotel and we thought at first, there was a mechanical fault, but then the driver said he had just been instructed, by phone, not to continue to Busaras”.
She said the driver was very courteous and identified himself, explaining he had no alternative but to stop.
According to the lady, her elderly female friend was late for an important medical appointment by the delay in getting to Busaras and then getting a taxi, instead of the DART, for Blackrock.
“We cannot understand the attitude of Bus Eireann management in showing such scant regard for elderly passengers,” she said.
She added that a public representative had raised the issue at the weekend with Busaras officials in Dublin, but the complaint was referred to another official who was “not available” when an effort was made to contact him. “We still haven’t received any apology for the manner in which we were treated,” she said.

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