Homelessness not a major problem in County Monaghan

11 March 2011 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Homelessness in Co Monaghan was not a major problem, but the figures for people presenting themselves as homeless had almost doubled in the county in 2010, Director of Services Adge King told the members of Monaghan Co Council on Monday when the council formally adopted the North East Homelessness Action Plan for 2011-2013.
Welcoming the fact that they had a regional homelessness action plan in place, Matt Carthy said the image people often had of homeless people sleeping in a doorway did not always reflect the category of people who came within the definition of being homeless. The plan was about co-ordinating all the statutory agencies with responsibility for emergency housing.
Colr Carthy reiterated his belief that the State, through local authorities, should provide social housing on a long-term basis and give local authorities the capital to build and purchase houses, which they could then rent on. At present the numbers on their housing lists were increasing, and this was having a kick-on effect on the problem of homelessness.
The Sinn Féin representative said that people with families could find themselves in this position when domestic problems arose, and single men could find that they could not afford or couldn’t get suitable accommodation. The success of the plan was dependent on how it was implemented and what resources were put in place for it.
Colr Carthy commended Monaghan Co Council Director of Services Adge King and the others from Co Monaghan who were involved in the preparation of the plan.
Director of Services for housing Adge King informed the meeting that the most common reasons for homelessness were domestic violence or threats of violence, fire, young people leaving home, and people being released from prison or from hospitals. Issues of concern were also arising in relation to the present economic situation with people falling into arrears of rent, leading to eviction.
He pointed out that the regional plan before the members covered counties Monaghan, Cavan and Louth, and Louth was the lead authority. The plan covered the areas of prevention, reduction in the number of homeless people, providing appropriate services and the co-ordination of the services provided in the areas covered by the plan. Mr King said that huge improvements had taken place in recent times in the co-ordination of services.
Welcoming the plan, Pádraig McNally said homelessness was a situation that presented itself from time to time and he welcomed the fact that they now had a plan to deal with it.
Hugh McElvaney also welcomed the plan, and seconded Colr Carthy’s proposal that it be formally adopted.
Acting Co Manager David Fallon praised the work put into the plan and the efforts being made to deal with the problem of homelessness in the region as a whole.

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