Connolly tables questions on broadband improvement plans

25 February 2011 No Comments by The Northern Standard

A number of questions in relation to the improvement of broadband services in Co Monaghan were tabled for the February meeting of Monaghan Co Council by Independent councillor Paudge Connolly.
Colr Connolly asked what plans were in place to ensure that broadband was extended to the 10% of people in the county who currently couldn’t receive it.
He also enquired what plans were in place to ensure that the broadband signal was improved and upgraded in areas where there were weak signals at present.
A written reply stated that the Co Council understood that the Dept of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources would launch phase two of the National Broadband Scheme in the coming months.
The reply added: “It is proposed that this scheme will target those individuals that do not have adequate access to broadband services within the county.
“Monaghan Co Council, subsequent to the placing of adverts in the local press, has commenced compiling a list of individuals that do not have access to broadband.
“Although the Dept of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources will publicise the scheme, it is the Council’s intention to provide this information to the Dept once Phase Two of the programme is launched.
“Monaghan Co Council, in partnership with Monaghan Co Enterprise Board and Fermanagh District Council, is making an application to the SEUPB seeking grant aid under the INTERREG programme to extend Project Kelvin from Castleblayney to Carrickmacross, and from Monaghan to Enniskillen via Smithboro, Clones and Lisnaskea.
“In the event that this project is successful, alternative backhaul will be provided to the towns of Clones and Carrickmacross, thus allowing the MANs in these towns to become operational.”
Colr Connolly asked what measures could be taken by people who had no broadband signal at present to ensure they would receive one.
He was informed: “Individuals should first check if they have access to the National Broadband Scheme (NBS). Details of this scheme may be found by contacting 3 (service provider) at 1800 944 791 or by visiting the website
“In the event that they are not serviced by this scheme, they should submit their details to Kevin McNally, Monaghan Co Council so that they may be made aware of Phase Two of the National Broadband Scheme once it is launched.”
Colr Connolly was also told that there are currently 22 premises participating in the Wi-Fi Hotspots Initiative in Co Monaghan, with the majority from the tourism/hospitality sector.
The participants are:
The Lodge at Castle Leslie
The Market House
McKenna’s Bar
Ashleigh House
Creighton Hotel
Hillgrove Hotel
Alice’s Loft & Cottages Self-Catering
Tanagh Outdoor Education Centre
Monaghan Chamber of Commerce
Monaghan Co Enterprise Fund (MTEK 1)
Four Seasons Hotel
A Healthy Choice Spa & Clinic
Westenra Arms Hotel
Monaghan Town Library
Castlecool Ltd
Listside Ltd
Gleneven Guesthouse
Grangeview House
Killyliss Country House
Glencarn Hotel
Nuremore Hotel & Country Club
It was also pointed out that this scheme was rolled out through Chambers of Commerce and Monaghan Tourism.
“The Wi-Fi HotSpot form can be downloaded from, which was set up by the IT Business Leaders Forum under the CDB Economic Development Strategy.”

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