Monaghan Told to Clean up its Act

26 August 2010 No Comments by The Northern Standard

MONAGHAN TOWN has been rated one of the worst of the border towns in the annual IBAL (Irish Businesses Against Litter) results.

Out of 53 towns and cities surveyed, Monaghan – in previous years one of IBAL’s better towns – ranked in 47th place and just three sites in the town were listed as being Clean to European Norms. What was listed as the Monaghan Town Council Public Playing Pitch fared the worst as it was described as a litter blackspot and the results stated, “There was a constant stream of litter around the perimeter of the pitch and on a grassy mound behind some goal posts – heavy levels of a wide variety of litter were present, much of it food related. Is the Town Council, the law enforcement authority responsible?”

The town bypass from the Armagh approach to the Dublin approach was named as having a serious litter problem in the form of “food related litter including debris at the roundabout.” The Monaghan Public and Wildlife Park was described as being moderately littered with only a “small amount of loose litter at the seating areas and in the water.”


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